What to read on contest preparation and peak week

Here you can learn about strength and cardio training, water, sodium, potassium and carb load, dairy, post contest window and exit plan.

Layne Norton’s Peak Week – Nutrition, Water & Sodium, Training & Cardio, Posing, Stage Presence

Layne’s Vlog – Don’t F*** Up Your Peak Week (You are not smarter than your body)

S Rogacz et al. Role of angiotensin II in the hormonal, renal, and electrolyte response to sodium restriction.

Lyle McDonald – Contest Dieting Part 1, No/Low Sodium, Dairy

Matt Perryman – Contest Preparation for the Natural Bodybuilders
Part 1 (Strength Training)
Part 2 (Cardio)

Alberto Nunez – Common Contest Prep Mistakes,
The Offseason Approaches: The “Post Contest Window” and the Tortoise and the Hare

Eric Helms – How to refeed and carb load

Q&A video on Peak Week Advice with Eric Helms

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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